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Product ID Protec-S
Manufacturer Abloy

Abloy Protec Sapphire Keys

ABLOY PROTEC - Optimised security Security is optimised by the vast number of key combinations. With 1,97 billion different combinations per keyway, the rotating disc cylinder offers extensive master-keying possibilities and enables locking systems to include thousands of doors and employees.

Complete product range ABLOY PROTEC offers a full range of high security door cylinders, industrial locks, cabinet locks, cam locks and padlocks. One key fits all when the system is keyed into the same master-key system.

Uniquely made with full metal body

Nickel plated silver key

Genuine Abloy Sapphire with Blue Dot security keys

Ideal for all Abloy lock types and padlocks

The key meets no resistance when it is inserted

Very strong to handle and easy to use

Key from an Abloy Protec disc–detainer lock

Abloy Protec Sapphire keys can be master keyed with doorlock cylinders

Price: £8.20 (£9.84 Inc. VAT)
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