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Custom Padlocks

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As a Locksmith Family for over 130 years not only can Lockout Tagout Safety Ltd customise many padlocks we build them also. This means we can make custom built padlocks to a master suite in multiple colours with varying size padlocks and shackles.


For More Information please call 01642 244017 or email customerservices@lockout-tagout.co.uk


Below are examples of some of custom choices available.


Coloured Padlocks

Lockout Tagout safety padlocks are available in a variety of colors different for easy identification and to help you meet OSHA’s 1910.47 Control of Hazardous Energy lockout standard for padlocks. Many Safety padlocks are provided in several different colours and we can also paint our standard padlock range too

The OSHA Lockout/Tagout standard (Most comprehensive global standard on Lockout Tagout) outlines 5 requirements that all safety padlocks & devices must meet – Durable, Substantial, Standardized, Identifiable and Exclusive for Safety.

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Custom Padlock Colours
410 Colours
S31 Colours
Lockout Tagout safety padlocks with the standard 6mm shackle diameter are available in a variety of colors. Click here to view all colours

The S31 has a slimmer shackle diameter at 4mm and is also available in a variety of colours.

Click here to view all colours

Custom Painted Padlocks
Paint Colours
ABUS Padlock Colours
Custom Painted & Engraved Padlocks please click here to view full range of brass padlocks.
Click here to view our full range.

Shackle Variations

Lockout Tagout Safety Ltd safety padlocks offer shackle variations on all safety padlocks as well as our various Brass and high security padlocks to ensure they are best fit for your needs and applications e.g. in hard to reach areas in your facility or hasps/locks with varying lengths of clearance.

The OSHA Lockout/Tagout standard outlines 5 requirements that all safety padlocks & devices must meet – Durable, Substantial, Standardized, Identifiable and Exclusive for Safety.

Lockout Tagout Safety Ltd safety padlocks and shackles are manufactured with materials that withstand harsh and extreme environments to meet OSHA‘s “Durable” requirement for padlocks and the shackles to provide the required strength to stand up to considerable force, when applied, to meet OSHA‘s “Substantial” requirement.


Lockout Cone
Lockout Stations
Lockout Cone
Custom Built Lockout Stations
Please call for more information
We Manufacturer alot of our Lockout Boards, this means we can make them to any number of padlocks you need
Custom Tally Aboard
Security System Key Cabinets
This is a custom built Tally Board for Confined Spaces. It has space to hold ID Badges; Permit and white marker area, including all necessary safety signs.
This is a custom made Key Viewable Key Cabinet. IT can be built to hold a single SAP Cam Lock if several cabinets are required. It comes in many sizes
Free Engraving

We offer Free Engraving on our PL201 Range of Padlocks (for more information please click here)

We can also offer engraving on any padlock for a small charge or for Free if over 20 padlocks.

Free Brass Torpedos also Free on Large Orders
Lockout Bar
Custom Safety Signs
This Lockout Bar we manufacture is a good alternative to a lockout Box in a trusted area.

Design a sign as unique as your business.

Custom Safety Signs are the ideal way to warn of hazards and dangers specific to your premises. Communicate any message to staff and customers & add your company logo to promote your brand.



We offer a huge range of custom products please call on 01642 244017 to discuss your needs.


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