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What is the Importance of First Aid Regulation?

If an accident occurs anywhere, it is important to know how to treat the injured person before medical help arrives. It is therefore important to follow first aid regulations, such as the importance of having aid kits at work if someone is to become sick or injured while working. It also requires regular staff training, to keep staff aware of procedure in the absence of the trained personnel, and for the employers to inform their employees on the where equipment is kept in case of any emergencies.

First aid in workplace is very important as accidents can and do happen to employees; serious accidents may cause disability or prolonged hospitalisation. Even minor injuries may put employees out of action temporarily. It is therefore very important to be able to treat injuries such as electric shocks, chokes, broken bones and other minor injuries before seeking medical advice. There are laws and guidelines in place that govern treating people if they are involved in an accident. For example, not all individuals will want to be helped, so before helping, one should seek permission to do so. The laws also enforce how treatment of injuries should be done, for example when a snake bites, there are varying theories that people have, therefore the importance of the laws are quite necessary to govern such

Employers are required to have an evaluation of their needs in a company or a workplace every two to three years to be able to know how they will handle situations that are threatening to their employees. Companies can access their first aid requirements by visiting or undertaking courses, that are run by organisations such as the St John ambulance. Things such as the size of the company and the hazards involved are to be considered.

Individuals should be knowledgeable about first aid as one may never know when they will need it, be it in school, at work or even in the house. It might help someone save a life, for example if someone has stopped breathing, many might start panicking, while having a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation might be beneficial before medical help arrives in order to save a life. Health and safety act 1981 requires that employers should be able to create enough aid for their employees in case of an accident or an injury to occur while they are still working. This act also applies if one gets sick while working. The act expands on what they mean when they talk about enough aid.

The UK regulations state that it is important for employers to provide adequate and appropriate equipment and facilities for employees while working. There are various boards and councils that have been formed to protect consumers from goods that are not safe. Companies must therefore submit a product for testing to avoid accidents in the workplace. If companies or individuals put safety first they will be protecting themselves and their employees from danger. Many accidents can be avoided if sufficient attention is paid to safety precautions.

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